How to define ‘it’?

Is it about time to make a decision in terminology to emphasize the differences, or is it a matter of time before we all understand the same thing when we talk about Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Responsible Code of Conduct, Global Citizenship etc. in Myanmar?   

I’m in Myanmar for four months now and I’ve had at least five conversations with different organizations (among one with a Master student who is studying the topic) about this matter: the meaning, but above all the understanding in Myanmar of the above mentioned concepts.

Is the confusion related to the stage we are in, in Myanmar? In a preliminary phase of a change process, in which new and complex imported paradigms are being introduced and applied for the first time, there always is a stage where involved people get confused about meaning and purpose of concepts in their specific setting. 
The concepts are also just words which people may perceive differently. And does this actually really matter? In the end it is about what you do, right? Or does it make sense to get consensus in an early stage?

I’m raising the question here, on Linked-In, because, first of all, I am a bit lost myself: I’m dealing with this matter since 2008, when I did a post-grad in Sustainable Business at Cambridge and it seems to me as if the same discussion is still continuing (and perhaps did not get further really??) A quick search (I did not conduct in-depth research!) on Internet brought me to an academic study of the same year: on the overlap and differences between Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Responsibility. An interesting piece, but practically not very enlightening for the change process in Myanmar file:///C:/Users/Marije%20Boomsma/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/Downloads/CorporateSocialResponsibilityandCorporateSustainabilitySeparatePasts%20(1).pdf

Secondly, and more importantly, I do believe that a wider discussion (and perhaps even consensus) on the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Global Citizenship, Responsible Code of Conduct etc. in Myanmar, can speed-up the awareness process of the business- and society- added-value of applying ‘it’ in Myanmar businesses.

Any ideas, documents to read, opinions are welcome!

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