Monsoon in Yangon

We have arrived in Yangon. Surprising how different the climate is at the other side of the Thai/Myanmar peninsula. In the Gulf of Thailand the monsoon consists of a rain shower now and then, while at the Andaman sea, where Yangon is, it rains every day this time of the year. Luckily we still have this sunny holiday film to watch when the heavy monsoon rain kicks in, totally unexpected. Please feel welcome to do the same by clicking it here.

On the other hand, we can not complain: the temperature in Yangon is still perfect for a dive in the swimming pool and a late afternoon stroll along the busy tea houses in town.

The kids were happily surprised by the green city Yangon is. They still have to get used to the fact that in many places we are the only westerners though (also because most expats are still taking their annual leave outside Myanmar).  The city is not one big TV commercial such as Bangkok sometimes seems to be. The many years of having been locked from the outer world are impossible to overcome by a few years of fragile freedom.

View from our temporary appartment

We will spend this last week of the kids’ holidays to settle down a bit and find our way around town. While Michael starts working this week, the rest of us will go house hunting and we will make two tours: drinking coffee at a cats cafe (for people without cats but who still like to cuddle them …..?) and a giant crocodiles farm, with monsters of over 2 meters long…….we will report on our survival later….

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