What Dutch kids want

The story goes that the Dutch are everywhere because of our merchant anchestors. One believes that because the VOC started trading spices in the 17th century, we became open minded people, curious about other cultures. As a result we still travel around as if the world is our playground.

I am not so sure whether we are much different than other former-colonial countries, but indeed Samui is full of Dutch and so it happened that our first neighbors in our small scale resort consisting of 3 ‘villa’s’ were a Dutch family of 5.

Nothing would have given our two kids, being slightly nervous about moving to Myanmar and having to speak English, a softer landing than this: three same-aged kids to play with in their own language. After 5 minutes acting shy, they played as they had known each other their whole lifes. Wine on the beach for the parents followed, shared dinners and even sleep overs.

Lots of fun until we wanted to go and do some sightseeing with just the four of us. What should have been a joint adventure of climbing waterfalls became a day of hinting (and later begging) to go back to the resort. Nothing impressed our kids anymore: no elephants, splashy fresh waterfalls or tropical rainforests.

After a 15 minutes walk to the base of the waterfall and suggesting to climb the ropes up, Leah started mourning ‘that will be a long tour’.

And after we reached the top and wanted to have drinks at one of the small pristine North Samui beaches afterwards, she almost shouted ‘but then it will be even later before we will be home!’ After finally (6 pm!) arriving at ‘the villa’, the other family also just arrived from their trip and the kids continued playing non-stop till 11 pm.

The same discussions were repeated 3 days in a row and now the Dutch family is gone, leaving our kids in silence, with no appetite for playing with the new neighbors from the Czech Republic and, even, Belgium. What kids want for holidays are just a couple of young Dutchies to play with. Luckily, you can find them anywhere.

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  1. Maaike schreef:

    Klinkt heerlijk. Nog even en ze spelen net zo makkelijk met kindjes in het Engels. Vergroot de mogelijkheden aanzienlijk 😜


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