Unwinding at Koh Samui


A final good bye, hug and tear, and off we went to the airport. With ten pieces of luggage, which we kept on counting to assure nobody left a bag pack or trolly at one of the numerous coffee places we visited on our way to Asia, we managed to arrive with all our belongings for the next two months at Bangkok airport.

Unfortunately KLM did not label our suitcases on to Samui so we had to collect everything and check in again in less than two ours. When all computers broke down at the check in counter and Ise’s toy gun (Nerf) was confiscated by customs despite us saying ‘it is not a gun,it is a toy’, we became slightly desperate. The ever lasting smiles of the Thai stewardesses however kept us from becoming stressed out and we just made it to our second flight, a flight through the Thai monsoon, but we did not yet worry at that time.

So when the plane started to descent, after a furthermore quiet plane ride, and we had to go down through some heavy rain showers, we did that with a free fall of at least 50 meters. Some people were screaming, but our kids, drowsy of their jetlag, only shortly looked up to quickly decide continue sleeping again. Tropical island flights during rainy season will never become a hobby of mine; not really promising for somebody who decided to spend her life for the next three years near the equator.

And now, here we are, at a bounty island, unwinding from three months of renovating the house, leaving jobs, English lessons for the kids, finding house renters, sorting things to put in the container, throw away or store, multiple goodbye parties (just to name a few of the activities and emotions which made up our final weeks). Full time relaxing and charging our batteries for our new life in Myanmar.

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  1. Rieneke schreef:

    Geniet ervan samen! Veel liefs uit Amersfoort.

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